Trademark Law Institute (TLI)

The Trademark Law Institute (TLI) is an inter-university institute based on collaboration between Professor Martin Senftleben, University of Amsterdam, Professor Paul Geerts, University of Groningen, Professor Dirk Visser, Leiden University, Professor Charlotte Vrendenbarg, Radboud University Nijmegen, Professor Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Dr. Anke Moerland and Professor Anselm Kamperman Sanders, Maastricht University.

TLI aims at initiating and fostering top-level analysis, education and research on all topics of trademark law against the background of the rich Benelux tradition in this field. The Benelux Trademark Act of 1971 caused a revolution in several key notions of the discipline. The modern concepts of Benelux trademark law, moreover, had a deep impact on the framing of the first European Trademark Directive of 1989. As trademark law becomes increasingly international and complex, and case law under harmonized and unified EU law develops at a fast pace, the need for in-depth analysis, education and research is constantly increasing . 

Although being primarily concerned with legal aspects of trademarks, TLI also seeks to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue. For this purpose, it is particularly open for academics from the fields of psychology and cognitive science, cultural and marketing science, and economics. 

TLI focuses on stimulating academic research. Nonetheless, it will also take advantage of the broad expertise of practitioners in the field of trademark law, and the experiences of enterprises operating at a national and multinational level. Similarly, the TLI seeks to cooperate with EU institutions and international organizations.